Voices from heaven

Voices from heaven

Caulfield Shule is gearing up for the High Holy Days with the annual visit of Israeli choir Kolot Min Hashamayim adding a special dimension to its services.

Kolot Min Hashamayim will join
Rabbi Ralph Genende at Shofar in
the Park. Photo: Peter Haskin
Kolot Min Hashamayim will join Rabbi Ralph Genende at Shofar in the Park. Photo: Peter Haskin

CAULFIELD Shule is celebrating the 11th anniversary of an annual High Holy Days tradition – the yearly visit of Kolot Min Hashamayim (Voices from Heaven), an Israeli choir that adds a special dimension to the Days of Awe at the shule.

During one of Kolot Min Hashamayim’s early visits to Melbourne, Rabbi Ralph Genende told The AJN, “We hope to demonstrate to our members how beautiful a choir can be and how much it can enhance the services.” A decade later, the rabbi and the shule’s chazan Dov Farkas agree that this goal has very much been achieved.

When not performing in Kolot Min Hashamayim, the choristers have diverse pursuits and comprise a classical singer, songwriter, yeshivah student, opera singer, recording technician, Technion student, Chassidic wedding singer, trumpeter and music producer.

Rabbi Genende this week described Kolot Min Hashamayim as “a cool and eclectic choir, both Chassidic and Ashkenazi, traditional and secular, reflecting not only the diversity of Israel, but speaking to the diversity of our congregation”.

With a view to showcasing the choir to the wider community, Farkas said a series of community events has been planned by Caulfield Shule over this period.

Kolot Min Hashamayim will perform on September 27 at a Friday night pre-Rosh Hashanah dinner, on first-night, first-day and second-day Rosh Hashanah, then at Shofar in the Park at 5pm on second-day Rosh Hashanah, which will be combined with a children’s tashlich. 

On October 4, the choir will be part of Caulfield Shule’s Friday Night Fever and on October 5, will join in Havdalah for the Soul. This will be a musical havdalah featuring the choir, Farkas, and the Caulfield Shule Chevra, to finish the first Shabbat of the year with an uplifting musical and spiritual experience. They will perform on Kol Nidrei and throughout Yom Kippur, as well as for Succot.

For more information, visit caulfieldshule.com.au or call (03) 9525 9492.

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