A bee-utiful design

A bee-utiful design

Leibler Yavneh College student Leah Spivak has won this year’s AJN Rosh Hashanah Card Competition. Mazal tov!

Leah Spivak with her winning card. Photo: Peter Haskin
Leah Spivak with her winning card. Photo: Peter Haskin

LEAH Spivak, 11, the winner of this year’s AJN Rosh Hashanah Card Competition, said, “I wanted to create a card that included all of the traditional symbols of Rosh Hashanah but also included some humour.”

Featuring candles, leaves, apples and honey, the year 6 Leibler Yavneh College student’s favourite symbol on her winning card is bees, she told The AJN. “I tried to create funny bees. One is a sleeping bee, one is a chillin’ bee and one is a winking bee.

“I wanted to inject some humour into the card because it’s been such a difficult time and this won’t be a normal Rosh Hashanah for us here in Victoria. Hopefully it makes people smile when they see it.”

On hearing she had won this year’s AJN competition, Leah said, “I felt surprised. I also felt proud and excited.”

She added, “My parents always support and encourage me to do my best. My grandparents were also really happy and proud, especially my Baba who is my art mentor. She’s taught me a lot.”

Praising all the entries, AJN national editor Zeddy Lawrence said, “We received some wonderful cards this year, but we loved the funny honey bees in Leah’s design. That’s what really made it stand out from the crowd.”

See Leah’s card and all the finalists in this week’s AJN.

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