Jewish aged care residents awaiting jabs
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Jewish aged care residents awaiting jabs

Sydney's Montefiore.
Sydney's Montefiore.

ALTHOUGH they haven’t yet been informed when their residents will be vaccinated, Jewish aged care organisations have taken delight in the vaccination rollout.

CEO of Montefiore in Sydney Robert Orie told The AJN, “We are thrilled that our residents and staff will be among the first to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine … and Montefiore is working closely with health authorities.”

Jewish Care Victoria CEO Bill Appleby said the organisation is “delighted” and “cautiously optimistic about the vaccination program and the current decline in new infection rates that we are starting to see across several countries, including with family and friends in Israel”.

Melbourne’s Emmy Monash Aged Care CEO Tanya Abramzon shared, “We know it is imminent and we have already communicated with our residents, families and staff in preparation … We are very excited … we strongly encourage everyone … to get the … vaccine as a valuable step towards our COVID-safe future.”

Hailing the vaccine as “our best chance of a return to normality”, NSW’s Jewish Emergency Management Plan’s medical subcommittee chair Richard Glass stressed, “We must however not become complacent … Appropriate physical distancing, hand hygiene and consideration to mask wearing … when physical distancing is not possible … remain important.”

SBS, meanwhile, released a video in Hebrew, explaining the different phases of the rollout and highlighting where vaccinations will be available.

Posted by The Australian Jewish News on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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