Baby et Lulu to tour

Baby et Lulu to tour

LARA Goodridge and Abby Dobson are hoping to take their band, Baby et Lulu, to Europe after two sold-out shows at the Adelaide Festival earlier this year.

The charismatic musical performers – who describe their music as a sassy, romantic romp through Paris, full of swinging joie de vivre – are on track to achieve their dreams.

Goodridge, who plays the violin and sings, says: “This year Abby and I set our minds on succeeding at getting into great festivals so that we have a higher profile to take overseas and we are on that path.

“A year ago my short-term dream was to play in the Spiegeltent  and now our next stop is Europe, although I think it will take another year to organise.”

Goodridge says that playing at the popular festivals makes it easier to find the right booking agent for Europe.

“Playing music is just such a beautiful thing and it is such a wonderful way to express yourself,” she says.

“I love performing in a band rather than as a solo performance, because there is that communication on stage where you are all in a place together and on the same ride.

“I find that exhilarating and then when the audience is on that ride with you, it’s a very communal feeling and it feels really beautiful.”

Dobson, who is well-known for her singing and song-writing talent, is the former lead singer of Leonardo’s Bride.

Baby et Lulu will be performing in Sydney next week on the eve of Bastille Day at The Basement to celebrate France’s national day, their french music and the one-year anniversary of the launch of their debut album.

“We played the same day last year and there is a real French fever because of Bastille Day,” says Goodridge.

“People get dressed up and get into the French vibe, so it is a lot of fun.”

REPORT by Joshua Levi

PHOTO of Baby Et Lulu performers Abby Dobson (left) and Lara Goodridge.

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