Creating trade opportunities between Oz, Israel

Creating trade opportunities between Oz, Israel

'On the Australian side, there is a very strong appreciation of Israeli technology and innovation'.

Shai Zarivatch.
Shai Zarivatch.

ISRAEL’S Trade Commissioner to Australia Shai Zarivatch has praised Australia for embracing innovative solutions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and said “Down Under” is becoming a particularly attractive destination right now for Israeli firms searching for new markets. 

More than 200 Israeli companies have operations in the Australian market already in fields from cyber and fin-tech to agriculture and mining, but there has been a particular wave of interest since mid-March.

Zarivatch told The AJN that, in particular, Israeli tele-health firms and cyber-related companies that focus on work-from-home solutions “have been approaching our office in unprecedented numbers”.

They are seeking business development services and advice to help match and market their innovative product solutions to the needs of potential Australian businesses, major customers and investors.

Explaining this trend, Zarivatch said, “It is in no way to argue that Israel’s handling and management of its [coronavirus] crisis and its own challenges is done in any way better than any other country – rather, it is that Israel is both highly experienced and, unfortunately very adapted to, dealing with times of extreme national emergencies and crises.

“On the Australian side, there is a very strong appreciation of Israeli technology and innovation.”

He added, although circumstances mean business consultations need to be conducted virtually, momentum is continuing to build from the Israeli tech business delegation that accompanied Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on his historic visit to Australia in February.

Good examples are Vitalerter – which leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics to provide continuous tele-monitoring solutions for hospitals and aged care centres – and Pcysys, whose patented software PenTera tests companies on where their systems lack cyber-security defences.

Vitalerter is in advanced talks with leading Australian companies, and Pcysys secured a partnership with one of Australia’s largest companies in the water industry.

Meanwhile in June, more than 50 Australian-based companies, including Citibank Australia, plan to take part in a major Israeli fin-tech online conference.

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