Dozens suspended

Dozens suspended

MORIAH suspended more than 40 students this week for using a staff member's login to access the school's staff wi-fi network.

Moriah College. Photo: Nadine Saacks
Moriah College. Photo: Nadine Saacks

MORIAH suspended more than 40 students this week for using a staff member’s login to access the school’s staff wi-fi network.

The login details were those of a student’s mother, although it is not clear how the student obtained the password.

The students’ wi-fi access has websites such as Netflix, YouTube, games and social media sites blocked, whereas staff can access all websites.

A Moriah student, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he believed “nearly 80 students” were suspended.

“I think the school could have handled the situation better,” the student told The AJN.

“Obviously the main perpetrators have been suspended for longer but I don’t think they should suspend the rest for just being a part.”

One mother said the suspensions are “ridiculous”.

“Moriah is taking things way out of proportion,” the mother said. “When is the last time they suspended a student for bullying or other real problems?

“The child who started this should get some sort of punishment, but suspending the other students who were stupid and took it is ridiculous.”

She revealed that last year, the school suspended nearly a dozen students for liking an inappropriate photo on Instagram. “It’s out of control. Moriah has its priorities wrong.”

A Moriah College spokesperson said that the matter concerns a serious breach of a school policy that all students agree, in writing, to abide by.

“This is an internal disciplinary matter, which the college is dealing with in accordance with its Behaviour Management Policy and established processes.

“It is not unusual for parents to say that the punishment does not fit the crime when their children are involved in transgressions, however, the college has standards that it will maintain. No private information was accessed as a result of this policy breach.”


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