Emmy Monash targeted by antisemites

Emmy Monash targeted by antisemites

AMONG a spate of antisemitic incidents in the heart of Jewish Melbourne, an Antipodean Resistance sticker bearing a swastika was discovered stuck to the gates of the Emmy Monash aged care home in Caulfield.

A similar sticker was posted at the entrance to a nearby apartment block.

Antisemitic graffiti was also scrawled outside a theatre in St Kilda, while a swastika was daubed on playground equipment at the EE Gunn Reserve.

Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said, “It is a cause of grave concern that neo-Nazis are walking the streets of Caulfield, brazenly  defacing properties, and sowing the seeds of fear and intimidation.

“We are outraged  by this latest menacing attack, made all the more despicable as there are Holocaust survivors living in this aged-care home who lost family relatives and suffered under Hitler’s regime.

“I am sure  that it would be painful and horrifying for them and for their families to hear about the public displays of neo- Nazism in Caulfield, which they probably thought they would never see in their own lifetime.

He added, “These cowardly and evil acts of vandalism, which are an affront to all Victorians, need to end now.

“Words and statements are not enough.   This is a moment when we desperately need moral leadership, and the Victorian and Federal governments must come up with a  strong plan of action to tackle the surge in anti-Semitism, which has seen the  largest single-year increase on record, and the blitz by white-supremacists and extremists. The ADC stands ready to work with both governments fight intolerance and promote justice and equality.



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