End of an era for Grandma Moses

End of an era for Grandma Moses

JEWISH residents in the south-east can now enjoy kosher bagels on a Sunday ... without the drive.

JEWISH residents in the south-east can now enjoy kosher bagels on a Sunday … without the drive.

The AJN can reveal that iconic kosher deli and bakery Grandma Moses is moving from its premises in Rose Bay to Kensington at the end of this month.

Grandma Moses owner Lawrence Hoffman, who purchased the business in 2003, made the decision to move as a result of “rent going up to unaffordable levels” and the fact that people are buying more kosher food from supermarket giants.

“The times are changing. They’d prefer to go to supermarkets to buy their stuff; that’s what’s happening all over,” Hoffman told The AJN this week.

“Even the petrol station has a kosher section. It becomes very hard. They have a lot more clients than I have.”

Hoffman predicted that “most kosher retail stores won’t exist in 10 years’ time”.

“It’s a hard retail environment,” he said. “Don’t eat the hand that feeds you.”

At its new location – 105-109 Anzac Parade, Kensington – Grandma Moses will continue its bakery operations, as well as retail store offering coffees, breakfasts and lunches. The store will also concentrate on wholesale orders.

Stating that he would take most of his staff with him to the new location, Hoffman said the business would “keep developing” and expand its horizons.

“We’re going to appeal to the non-Jewish market as well. The kosher Jewish community isn’t big enough,” he said.

Maroubra Synagogue’s Rabbi Yossi Friedman welcomed the news of the relocation.

“We are looking forward to ­welcoming Grandma Moses to the area. Having another quality kosher establishment … will be a great convenience for Jews who live in the south-eastern suburbs,” he said.

“It also adds another attractive feature to those families who are looking to move into the area. It’s no secret that where you have kosher food, you will find Jews.”

Hoffman thanked his loyal customers over the 12 years he has owned the business in Rose Bay.

“Thank you very much for shopping with us and keeping us here. It’s been a good journey,” he said.


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