Fact Checker By Day, Comedian By Night

Fact Checker By Day, Comedian By Night

Two Nice Jewish Boys is a weekly Israeli podcast in English. Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein offer you a glimpse of Israel and some of the interesting people here. Since February 2017 Two Nice Jewish Boys is featured on the website of the Jewish Journal, America’s top Jewish news outlet. Naor Meninger is an independent filmmaker. He’s obsessed with Italy and runs the Israeli parmesan black-market. Eytan Weinstein is an interactive scriptwriter. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and pronounces the word “drawer” funny.

Humanity, in general, can be divided into two main groups: those who watch the news, and those who live a happy and prosperous life.

But if you’re a sucker for news and politics like us, you’re doomed to cope with an endless stream of spins, fake news and manipulations, that it’s hard to sometimes really know what the hell’s going on.

Fortunately there are good people who take upon them the burdensome job of fact-checking, sifting through dusty archives, watching hours upon hours of materials, in the quest for a slippery thing called The Truth.

Yoav Rabinovitz, our guest today, is one of those people. By day, he’s the chief-editor of the super influential TV show “The Other Side with Guy Zohar”, which deconstructs news items and political speeches, and confronts them with the facts. And by night, Yoav takes off his suit and becomes a stand-up comedian, the wittiest tweeter in the Middle East, and a guy that can dance as if he’s the love child of Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger.

2NJB is happy to have Yoav Rabinovitz to talk about these turbulent times in Israeli politics, the justice system, and above all – why he thinks Aroma, the Israeli coffee chain, is the best place in the world.

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