Jew Talkin’ To Me – Sara Gibbs and Jay Foreman

Jew Talkin’ To Me – Sara Gibbs and Jay Foreman

This week’s guests are comedy writer Sara Gibbs, and YouTuber Jay Foreman.

A new, unashamedly Jewish comedy chat show for everyone. Created and hosted by award winning comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon, and produced by Russell Balkind. Jew Talkin' to Me? is packed with stories, opinions, jokes, opinions, laughs, and, as it’s a Jewish show, even more opinions! Each week we’ll chat to some of the UK’s best loved Jewish comedians, presenters, broadcasters, journalists and actors. They’ll share their own unique perspectives on being 21st century Jews as well as their memories of growing up and what being Jewish means to them. Join us as we kick off with a brief introduction to the upcoming series.

Join Jewish Comedians Rachel Creeger and Philip Simon for Episode 4 of their comedy podcast, a chat show about all things Jewish produced by Russell Balkind. This week’s guests are comedy writer Sara Gibbs, and YouTuber Jay Foreman.

Sara Gibbs: @Sara_Rose_G
Sara is a comedy writer for web, radio and television as well as an infamous tweeter of unpopular opinions.

Her credits include fantastic shows such as Have I Got News For You, The Now Show, Dead Ringers, Newsjack and The Mash Report.

Jay Foreman: @JayForeman

Jay Foreman is a comedian, singer-songwriter and YouTuber. He was featured as the BBC New Talent Pick of the Fringe 2007, won Best Newcomer at the Tuborg Musical Comedy awards 2009 and came third at the Musical Comedy Awards 2010.

Jay’s songs have been heard on BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, The One Show and London Live TV, and for several years, he has performed shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which include Disgusting Songs For Revolting Children (And Other Funny Stories), No More Colours and Mixtape.

Jay created his YouTube channel in April 2006. It contains various clips from his comedy shows, tongue-in-cheek educational series such as Map Men (presented with Mark Cooper-Jones), Politics Unboringed and Unfinished London, and music videos for his songs.

You can ( and should) subscribe to Jay’s YouTube Channel HERE:


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*This episode was recorded under lockdown conditions.

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