Leifer: psych panel decision adjourned

Leifer: psych panel decision adjourned

A Jerusalem District Court judge has given a one-month extension to the psychiatric panel assessing Malka Leifer’s fitness to stand trial for extradition; hearing to resume in Jan.

Court to start at 7pm AEDT

At 7pm tonight, Australian eastern daylight time, an Israeli district court will hear the decision by a medical panel who has assessed alleged child sexual abuser Malka Leifer. The decision comes less than a week after Australian federal politicians committed to passing a motion calling for her extradition.

Report: Australia ‘snubs’ Israeli project on child sex abuse

A tense day ahead

#Courtdate62 tomorrow – 10th Dec at 9am in the Jerusalem District Court! The new panel of psychiatrists ordered to…

פורסם על ידי ‏‎Dassi Erlich; Beyond a Survivor‎‏ ב- יום ראשון, 8 בדצמבר 2019

Govt denies Israel snub in Malka Leifer legal fight

The Australian newspaper reports Foreign Minister Marise Payne has denied Australian diplomats rebuffed an Israeli ­initiative at the United Nations in protest at the delayed extradition of alleged child sexual abuser Malka Leifer.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz said the Australian delegation refused to attend the Israeli-led “Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children – An Educational Toolbox” event in November because Australia’s demand that Israel extradite Leifer is still pending.

A spokesman for Senator Payne, however, denied there had been a direction given to diplomats to boycott the event.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne. Photo: Mick Tsikas/AAP Image

Case to start at 6pm AEDT

The hearing, which was due to start at 7pm AEDT, will now begin at 6pm. Stay tuned for live blogging from Manny Waks in the next 30 minutes when the court room opens.

Attorney-General Christian Porter speaks out

Leifer will not attend court hearing


Manny in court

Manny Waks is live in the District Court

Plenty of media present

What can we expect today?

Basically, we’ll hear the new psychiatric panel’s decision re Leifer’s fitness to face the extradition trial. Beyond that, anything can happen. Difficult to predict the outcome. But I’m cautiously optimistic. Hopefully Leifer won’t be able to maintain her charade.

We’re inside the courtroom

Both prosecution and Defence teams are inside the courtroom. Media and supporters inside, too. It’s a small room, so not everyone will fit. Awaiting Judge Lomp

Media has stormed in after Leifer’s family and are taking lovely family portraits…

Packed courtroom, awaiting judge’s entry

Not sure why Judge Lomp is late, it’s the first case of the day…but a reminder, this is Israel, how some things work around here

We should all be prepared for any decision, including a non-decision…

Court dates in 2020

Due to scheduling purposes, the hearing date was set for 14/1/2020, and the panel needs to give the court their decision by 10/1/2020

Reaction to panel delay

‘Simply unacceptable’

This is an outrageous decision. It continues to make a mockery of the Israeli judicial system. My thoughts are with the three courageous sisters – Nicole, Dassi and Elly – who have been waiting anxiously for today’s decision yet they had the door slammed in their face once again.

We’ve just concluded hearing number 62, yet we are none the wiser. Simply unacceptable.

– Manny Waks

Nicole Meyer (left) and Dassi Erlich in front of Parliament earlier this year.

Erlich: ‘We feel sick with anxiety’


Former Vic premier Ted Baillieu: ‘Justice will prevail’


Manny Waks is the CEO of Kol v’Oz and is in the Jerusalem District Court covering hearing #62 in relation to Malka Leifer. Kol v’Oz, which means voice and courage in Hebrew, is an Israel-based, international organisation that combats child sexual abuse in the global Jewish community.

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