Netanyahu: We will respond to a drizzle of rockets

Netanyahu: We will respond to a drizzle of rockets

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told leaders of communities near Gaza on Thursday that Israel would not tolerate a drizzle of mortar or rocket attacks.

The world, including those in the south of Israel, hope that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will hold but Netanyahu said Israel is ready to respond if it is broken.

Amid mounting public criticism, especially in the South, that Operation Protective Edge might well end without removing for a long period the rocket and mortar threats from the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu met in his office with the heads of the Hof Ashkelon, Sha’ar Hanegev and Sdot Negev regional councils.

“The IDF launched Operation Protective Edge after Hamas returned to drizzle rocket fire on the southern communities,” the prime minister said. “Our policy is clear and consistent – even to a drizzle we respond forcefully.

“We launched this campaign to strengthen the security of all Israeli citizens in general, and yours in particular.”

Netanyahu pointed out that the IDF struck some 160 terrorist targets after Hamas renewed the fighting last weekend and fired mortar shells at the communities near the Gaza border.



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