Save thousands on school fees

Save thousands on school fees

The Leibler Yavneh College Fee Transformation Program (FTP) has been established to ensure students have access to a quality Jewish education.

Leibler Yavneh College. Photo: Peter Haskin
Leibler Yavneh College. Photo: Peter Haskin

A FAMILY with three children at Leibler Yavneh College (LYC) could save up to $20,000 a year thanks to a new initiative designed to give parents greater financial choice.

The LYC Fee Transformation Program (FTP) has been established to ensure students have access to a quality Jewish education while enabling all parents to enhance Jewish educational outcomes for all students.

In a recent letter to parents, co-chairs Ari Schachna and Gerard Max recognised the cost of school fees had “caused hardship for many within our school community, and affected both full-fee paying families, and those on fee relief”.

“We pride ourselves on our belief that all Jewish children deserve access to a high-quality Jewish education,” they added.

The FTP program asks parents for a 20 per cent deposit of their school fees upfront, followed by the option to either have the deposit wholly or partially refunded, or for the deposit to be applied as a tax-deductible charitable donation – acknowledged on an honour board on the school grounds.

Parents with three children enrolled who choose to leave the money as a charitable donation will still be saving approximately $9000, which would help ensure the sustainability of the program.

Naming school fees as the “single most pressing issue of our community”, LYC parent Dion Epstein told The AJN, “We have five children at LYC and a Modern Orthodox Jewish education is fundamental to the values we hope to instil in our children.

“We run two successful businesses, yet the financial pressure to pay for the outstanding education and the immersive Jewish and Zionist experience our kids get at LYC, is considerable. This initiative to reduce fees, without compromising the quality of the product, has eased the pressure on us and we welcome the rollout of this program to further improve the affordability of Jewish education.”

Fellow parent Daniel Parasol concurred. “I’m really appreciative that my children’s school, the school I also had the privilege to attend, has introduced this innovative program. It reflects a concern and understanding for the sacrifices many parents make to ensure their kids receive a Jewish education.”

The program, which has been reviewed by the school’s legal counsel and the ATO, may be extended to incorporate all students in 2022.

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