Swimming sensation

Swimming sensation

YEAR 12 Masada College student Kyron Israelsohn is the fastest 50m freestyle swimmer for his age in Australia, after winning gold at the Australian National Swimming Championships held in Melbourne.

Kyron Israelsohn powers through the pool.
Kyron Israelsohn powers through the pool.

YEAR 12 Masada College student Kyron Israelsohn is the fastest 50m freestyle swimmer for his age in Australia, after winning gold at the Australian National Swimming Championships held in Melbourne.

The 17-year-old raced away in his pet event, as he recorded a scorching time of 24.03.

“I didn’t really expect much going in, because it’s a tough competition,” Israelsohn told The AJN.

“Going in ranked third, I just thought I had a chance, but here I am with the gold. It was a pretty great experience.”

And Israelsohn is far from a one dimensional swimmer. The young gun competed in seven events overall at the Championships, reaping three first-place finishes, one second place, one third place and a fourth and fifth place to boot.

The swag of success came despite the fact that swimming isn’t even Israelsohn’s first priority.

“I’m still training enough to stay fit, but my HSC studies come first at the moment,” he said.

Israelsohn is still chasing other pursuits in the pool – after year 12, of course.

“Post-HSC, there’s some big goals. I’d like to make Nationals again next year and get onto the State team,” he said.

“And every competitive swimmer’s goal is to make international level and represent your country: maybe the Commonwealth Games, or even the Olympics, would be incredible.”

Considering Israelsohn’s speed in the water, he’s going to get there pretty fast.


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