The Einstein It show – Audition Submission

Albert Einstein is known for his many ‘quotable’ quotes but does this quote still ring true today? In the modern age where the speed of technical change is moving faster than most of us can keep up with is this statement still true? Most six-years-old kids understand technology better than most adults. They have never known a world without it and are born as digital natives. Wouldn’t a better test of your understanding of technology be being able to explain it to a seventy-six-year-old? To people older than Einstein.

Polaris Media and The Australian Jewish News have launched auditions for The Einstein it Show.

The show is a panel show set in Jewish nursing homes, community centres, bowls clubs, etc. where panels of people over the age of 76’s review the latest technological advances presented to them by high school and university students. It will be a show of affection and respect that takes a humorous look at the new gadgets and digital advances from the perspectives of those who have lived through interesting times. The show will start after lockdown and the pandemic is over but between now and then we are running the audition process to find our panels.

The audition process for The Einstein It Show involves family members of the “over 76’s” presenting something technical or new and explaining it to them so they understand it and see the value of it.

You can use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or any other way of recording it. You can then uploaded these files to us below and each week we will release our favourite auditions online so our community can let us know what they think.

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