The Jewish Elvis King

The Jewish Elvis King

Sydney-based performer Jacqueline Feilich has been impersonating Elvis Presley for more than a decade. Now, she has released a new song paying homage to the King’s country music.

Jacqueline Feilich channelling Elvis Presley.
Jacqueline Feilich channelling Elvis Presley.

FLARED pants and a sparkly Elvis Presley belt have remained staples in Jacqueline Feilich’s wardrobe for the past 12 years.

During this time she has dedicated her She Is The King career to honouring Elvis himself with releases of his iconic hits including The Edge Of Reality and Viva Las Vegas.

Now Feilich is segueing into country music, but never wandering too far from Elvis, the performer explained.

Jacqueline Feilich.

Her single, I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby – one of four songs written by Tony Joe White that Elvis recorded, released and performed – was released on October 4.

“As with everything I do, I try to give much-needed light to particular obscure, older tracks as I’ve always believed they were majorly underrated and deserved another shot in the ears of today’s young people,” Feilich remarked.

“I will always pay tribute to Elvis. Most people don’t realise that he recorded several country albums. Country music is another natural way for me to express myself.”

Though her stage identity screams everything Elvis, Feilich is more influenced by the writers and musicians who inspired him because “that’s the music Elvis listened to and loved and then chose to reinterpret in his unique way … My tribute to him is beyond skin deep. I research for hours before a show and I tell the audience where Elvis was when he recorded a particular song.”

Part of Feilich’s thorough research has led to her learning that Elvis, unbeknownst to many, was a Jew – halachically at least, stemming from his maternal great-great-grandmother, Nancy Burdine, who was believed to be Jewish.


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