Visiting Israel’s attractions virtually

Visiting Israel’s attractions virtually

From the comfort of your home, see some of Israel’s wonderful tourist sights online.

Bahá'í gardens
Bahá'í gardens

With a trip to Israel still barred to Australian travellers due to COVID-19 restrictions, enjoy some of the nation’s many attractions online from the comfort of home. There are a host of YouTube videos available showing sweeping aerial views, scenic walks and speedy bicycle rides, including some videos taken during the recent Israeli lockdown.

Bicycle ride from Tel Aviv to Jaffa

While the seaside boardwalk from Tel Aviv port to Jaffa port is popular for a stroll, the pace along the promenade speeds up with this bicycle ride filmed last year featuring a lively jazz soundtrack. Sights along the route include the Tel Aviv Marina, beachside hotels and Old Jaffa.


Israel Museum’s art garden

The Israel Museum has a fine collection that can be enjoyed at the click of a mouse. In this video, museum director Ido Bruno heads outside to view sculptures in the art garden.


Israel’s favourite national parks

This video compilation features some of Israel’s most popular national parks, including the Nimrod Fortress national park, Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve and Akhziv nature reserve. Many of the stunning views of the parks are from the air.


Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum’s online site, The Holy City 360, provides an inside view of Old City sites, even ones that are off limits to everyday travellers. Click on the arrows to see 360-degree views.


Haifa from the air

From Haifa’s famous Baha’i Temple and gardens to the port and Haifa central business district, enjoy an aerial view of the city by day and night, photographed by Skypic Aerial Photography.


Western Wall tunnels

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is one of Jerusalem’s most significant tourist attractions, but below ground are amazing archaeological findings such as stone arches and ancient water aqueducts that are revealed in the Western Wall tunnels. This guided tour was produced by ILTV Israel News.



See spectacular drone photography of historic Masada taken by Tal Hanoci. The fortress of Masada was built in 30BCE by King Herod and was the last stronghold of Jewish zealots who faced the Roman army in 68CE.


Megiddo National Park

Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority has created English-language guided tours of famous sites. This video focuses on the history of World Heritage-listed Megiddo National Park.


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