‘An immense sense of pride’

‘An immense sense of pride’

The AJN wishes a hearty mazal tov to all the Melbourne Jewish day school recipients of the Premier’s VCE Awards last week.

Isaac Rozental received a Top All-Round VCE High Achievers award.
Isaac Rozental received a Top All-Round VCE High Achievers award.

SEVEN students from Jewish schools Mount Scopus Memorial College, Beth Rivkah Ladies College and Bialik College were announced as recipients of the Premier’s VCE Awards last week. 

While the official ceremony may have been postponed, 307 awards were received statewide, recognising those who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their VCE. 

Mount Scopus’s Isaac Rozental was just one of 28 students who earned the prestigious Top All-Round VCE High Achievers award recognising his stellar accomplishment of study scores of 46 or above in at least five VCE subjects. 

“There was an immense sense of pride but the resounding feeling was a sense of relief, that the hard work was not in vain,” Rozental told The AJN.

“For me though, the most important thing was getting into my course. Anything else is just a bonus.”

Rozental, who is now studying Medicine at Monash University, said the award is a testament to his family – “specifically my mum and dad, who always unwaveringly supported me”.

With study awards being awarded to students who attain a score of 46 or above for an individual subject, fellow Scopus students Jade Lowe received a study award for Religion and Society; Marty Schwarz for Mathematical Methods (and Algorithmics – HESS undertaken at the Virtual School Victoria); and Ariel Tenenberg for Specialist Mathematics. 

Mount Scopus principal Rabbi James Kennard said, “These outstanding results are a fitting tribute to the hard work and ability of the students and the dedication and expertise of their teachers.”

Meanwhile, Beth Rivkah Ladies College boasted two award recipients with Oriya Gampel being recognised for her perfect 50 in Religion and Society, and Yehudis Tsap for her high marks in Australian Politics. 

Gampel said that while the accomplishment was “surprising and fulfilling”, she hopes it will provide her with “the motivation to remain entirely committed to my studies this year”, her final year of schooling.

Commending the strong academic achievements of Gampel and Tsap together with all students, Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah (YBR) principal Dr Shimon Waronker added, it is the school’s “emphasis on the student’s wellbeing and nurturing as a whole, ensuring that each student is able to reach their own full potential”.

Bialik College principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner said the school is “incredibly proud” of student Nitsan Shavit and her achievement of receiving an award for VCE Hebrew. 

Musing on her accomplishment, Shavit said it cemented her belief “that if you are determined to achieve a goal and work hard enough, it is most certainly possible”, an important lesson as she undertakes year 12 in the shadow of the coronavirus threat.

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