Chadstone area hit by new hate graffiti

Chadstone area hit by new hate graffiti

The latest antisemitic graffiti attack in Melbourne has been condemned as a "craven display of bigotry".

One of the daubings in the
Chadstone area.
One of the daubings in the Chadstone area.

AN antisemitic graffiti attack near the Chadstone railway station, Holmesglen TAFE and a local walking trail has drawn condemnation from the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC).

The daubings, which include a painted swastika, and say, “F**k Jew scum” and “Gas the kikes”, are the latest in a spree of attacks in the area.

In recent weeks, antisemitic graffiti was daubed on Aliza’s Place Cafe, a Chadstone eatery owned by Aliza Shuvaly, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, and on a billboard at a community theatre in nearby Mount Waverley, during a season of the Holocaust-themed play, The Diary of Anne Frank.

A “craven display of bigotry” is how ADC chair Dvir Abramovich described the latest Chadstone attacks.

“This repugnant Nazi graffiti, calling for the murder of Jews, is an assault on all Victorians and is meant to traumatise and create a climate of fear. There is something very troubling and unsettling happening in our state and it’s important to remember that whenever such despicable incidents happen, there is a chilling emotional damage on all community members.

“Anyone who has information about the perpetrators of this odious act is encouraged to contact Victoria Police, and it is our hope that once those responsible are arrested, they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Abramovich said.

Meanwhile, Nazi memorabilia for sale at a shop in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula has been removed after media coverage of the store, which was selling items including war medals with swastikas. And the organisers of an antiques fair at Kyneton, north of Melbourne, ordered a vendor to remove an artefact bearing a swastika logo.

Abramovich described the outcome as “a victory for the victims, the survivors and the brave Diggers who defeated Hitler. We commend Tyabb Grainstore and the organisers of the Kyneton Antiques Fair for taking the high moral road and for doing what is right.”


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