Glick: no case to answer

Glick: no case to answer

A POLICE invest-igation into allegations of child sexual abuse against Yeshivah College mainstay Rabbi Avrohom Glick (pictured) has been closed.

A POLICE investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse against Yeshivah College mainstay Rabbi Avrohom Glick (pictured) has been closed.

Rabbi Glick was stood down by the school in December after it was revealed he had been accused of raping a student in the 1970s. Late last year the former deputy principal was interviewed by police and released pending further inquiries, with the three-month investigation yielding no charges, contrary to reports on The Age website last week.

The AJN understands the investigation, based on claims made by a sole complainant, was not escalated by police, and the Department of Public Prosecutions never became involved.

A police spokesperson told The AJN that: “A 67-year-old Balaclava man was interviewed by Sano Taskforce detectives in December 2013 regarding allegations of sexual assault of a child in the late 1970s. The man was released pending further inquiries. The investigation has now concluded. No charges have been laid.”

A spokesperson for the family told The AJN Rabbi Glick felt vindicated and relieved.

“[Rabbi Glick] is very grateful that the matter is behind him and appreciative of all the support he’s received from the community.”

Rabbi Glick’s lawyer Bill Doogue said the matter should never have been made public and that the family had been traumatised by the experience.

“I can’t remember an example in Victoria where before somebody’s been charged … they are damned in the media in the way the rabbi has been. Personally I think it’s outrageous,” Doogue said. “I think it’s awful that he and his family have had to endure this in a public setting.”

The school welcomed the development, but could not confirm whether Rabbi Glick would return to his ­position.

A spokesperson for the school told The AJN that “Rabbi Glick is overseas at present and [school principal] Rabbi [Yehoshua] Smukler has not had the opportunity to discuss the matter with him.”

In an email sent to parents of students, Rabbi Smukler said, “We are pleased to be able to inform you that Victoria Police has confirmed that it has closed its investigation in relation to the matters raised against Rabbi Avrohom Glick in December 2013 and that no charges will be laid. We are sure you will join us in welcoming this news and the relief it brings to Rabbi Glick, his family, Yeshivah College and the community.”

Rabbi Glick’s niece Chevi Levin took to Facebook, saying in a post that the allegations against her uncle were baseless.

“After conducting a thorough investigation, Victoria Police has decided not to press charges against Rabbi Avrohom Glick,” Levin wrote.

“Today, justice has triumphed. Today, Hashem’s help and guidance has set an innocent man free. Today, community support has warmed our hearts. And today … is the day that Rabbi Glick gets his life back.”


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