Moriah’s Marvellous Middot

Moriah’s Marvellous Middot

Moriah College's year 9 students of 2019 have created an anthology of 12 beautifully written and illustrated stories dedicated to children whose lives were lost in the Holocaust.

AS many as one and a half million children who perished in the Holocaust could never tell their stories.

In honour of their memory, the Moriah Foundation, in partnership with Moriah College, JCA and PJ Library, launched Moriah’s Marvellous Middot – an anthology of 12 stories by year 9 students of 2019, including Ethan Joshua Kalish, Josh Green, David Morris, Nathaniel Briggs and Zane Simmons, who are pictured with head of visual arts and drama, Angela Swadling.

Simmons said the story he created, along with Morris and Green, is based on the phrase, ‘Who is rich? He who rejoices in his lot.’ “We unpacked this middah and created a story that is understandable for young children that leaves the child with an important life lesson,” he said.

Moriah Foundation president Judy Lowy commented, “Each story in the anthology presents a different Jewish value, derived from Pirkei Avot. The anthology connects these important moral lessons, as understood through the lens of our children and their experiences, to everyday situations.”

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