Teens urged to write from the heart for Herzl

Teens urged to write from the heart for Herzl

Jewish high school students from around Australia are being encouraged to enter the My Herzl Youth Essay competition for the chance to win two tickets to Israel.

Young ambassadors of Israel Forever Foundation.
Young ambassadors of Israel Forever Foundation.

THE Israel Forever Foundation are calling on 13-17-year-olds from across the Jewish world to participate in the My Herzl Youth Essay competition for the chance to win two tickets to Israel.

Aiming to showcase the relevance of Herzl as a visionary Jewish leader in modern times, the international essay competition focuses on the legacy of Herzl as envisioned by today’s Jewish youth and the leaders of the next generation. The project also hopes to increase understanding of the significance of Zionism at its inception, inspire young Jews to consider the challenges Herzl faced in a pre-Israel world and to recognise the challenges Zionism is facing in the future.

“Zionism is a misunderstood and contentious topic that dominates headlines and debates,” Israel Forever Foundation executive director Elana Heideman told The AJN.

“In an effort to revitalise the understanding and relevance of the leadership and action that shaped the movement of political Zionism under Theodor Herzl, the Israel Forever Foundation has launched the My Herzl International Youth Essay Competition.”

Entrants have the choice of answering one or more of the nine guiding questions as listed on the essay’s website, which include: What dream for the Jewish people do you think is impossible to achieve, that you would be willing to work towards? How would you go about doing it?; How do tradition and start-up modernity merge in Israel and how is this a part of Herzl’s legacy?; and, What is the significance of the memory of the Shoah to Herzl’s legacy?

The winning ideas will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and monetary prizes will be awarded for outstanding essays. Meanwhile, the winner and one companion will win two tickets to Israel to present their essay to the delegates of the World Zionist Congress 2020.

The initiative was developed in partnership with David Matlow, the world’s foremost collector of Herzl memorabilia.

“It is our turn to explore the visions of the next generation. To hear the ideas that you believe will shape the future of the Jewish people at this important time in history. With hate against Jews rising again and the purpose of Israel being questioned, we can all gain inspiration from the leaders of our past,” he said.

“The opportunity to address challenges with wisdom, determination and resolve now rests on our shoulders.”

Submissions close February 14, 2020. For more information or to enter,
visit israelforever.org/programs/myherzl/my-herzl-youth-essay-competition.

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